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HAPPY NME represents a range of unique products that are distinguished by their combination of pure craftsmanship and idiosyncratic view on design. This combination guarantees a high eye-catcher effect; every object is playful, daring and prominently present in any indoor and outdoor space.


Your guests will feel completely at home, as this free-standing fire column ensures every get-together has a warm atmosphere. Well suited near the entrance, along your garden path or to create a cozy atmosphere on your patio. The design is sustainable, stable and extremely durable.


This outdoor fireplace of Corten steel is a major asset to your garden. The storage space below the fireplace, intended for logs, is both functional and decorative. The bars in front of the fireplace have a cosy effect.


This copper oil lamp with perforated steel cover is equipped with a burner and wick, is easy to refill and is guaranteed to burn for many hours. The cover comes standard in the following colours: snow white, olive green, pearl gray, happy orange, Ibiza blue, denim blue, and deep black. Other colours are available upon request.


This special coffee table has a luxurious look thanks to the use of high quality materials. The support is made of steel and the loose, detachable serving tray is available in the following materials: copper, brass, or aluminium. The aluminium version comes standard in the colours: snow white, olive green, pearl gray, happy orange, Ibiza blue, denim blue, and deep black. Other colours are available upon request. This enables you to create your own unique coffee table. As the height of the table is adjustable you can easily put the table next to the dining table to create extra space.


With its robust design, the SIR KNIGHT garden fireplace is a conspicuous object in your garden. Its warm atmosphere guarantees many long and pleasant evenings. Everyone together around the lovely glow of the crackling fire.


BARB’IT is a graceful standing barbecue, with a large roasting plate (40cm) and a comfortable working height. The heavily chromed grill has plenty of room for fish, meat and vegetables.


With BRAINSTORM, standing meetings will turn into something spectacular, to say the least. It is a bar table consisting of disks. LED lighting radiates underneath the aluminum tabletop powered by a rechargeable and dimmable battery. The RGB LED can display various colors, making the table suitable for any room or mood.


These Dutch design candlesticks are made completely of red copper and will give every interior a warm, cosy atmosphere and stylish appearance.


MEET & GREET is a bar table with built-in ambient lighting, making it an ideal meeting place in the office or in meetings, conferences etc. A light crown (available in woven or printed fabric) displays its light on top of the table.