HAPPY NME is an excellent example of Dutch Design. You could certainly say these designs are remarkable, sometimes even a little challenging. But Happy NME also represents functionality and user-friendliness. Every product, whether in appearance or function, is its own conversation piece. The entire product collection – from coffee table to outdoor fireplace – completely transforms spaces, improves the atmosphere and makes people feel more at ease.


HAPPY NME has its origins in metalworking. The materials used are pure, solid and durable; aluminum, copper, steel and stainless steel form the basis of every product. Craftsmanship and material knowledge are the focus throughout the entire production process. From idea to design and manufacturing. The HAPPY NME collection is handmade and produced entirely in the Netherlands.

Each product in the collection emphasizes the philosophy of HAPPY NME:

Durable materials and functional design make life more attractive!