Your guests will feel completely at home, as this free-standing fire column ensures every get-together has a warm atmosphere.

Well suited near the entrance, along your garden path or to create a cozy atmosphere on your patio. The design is sustainable, stable and extremely durable.

Moreover, HELLO! is very convenient because you can use it in two ways. The dimensions are perfect for using Swedish torches.

The open grid allows for adequate air flow and makes the flames well visible.

A special three-burner oillamp is also available, so you can burn anything clean instantly get a mood .

HELLO! is available in two types of material, Corten steel (weathering steel) and stainless steel. The Corten steel version will develop a beautiful, protective rust-colored patina layer over time. This patina gives the HELLO! a more rustic character than the sleek stainless steel version.

HELLO! is available in three different heights, allowing you to easily combine and decoratively place multiple fire columns.

All versions can be used with Swedish torches, wooden logs and the HELLO! Oil Burner.

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